It’s $20 Day at Frontier Airlines!

Updated 3/1/18

It’s $20 day at our ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) of choice, Frontier Airlines! These deals aren’t exceedingly rare as they usually pop up one or two days every week, but it’s rare to see one of these sales go on for 2 days in a row with this many destinations this far out. Generally when this happens most of the options are within the next few weeks as a last ditch effort to fill undersold flights.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of Ultra Low Cost Carriers and the best tips for booking flights on each of them, but “$20 Day” is a self proclaimed holiday for cheap travel hawks like me. Generally speaking, when the cheapest fares post at $20 or less, flights are exceedingly cheap across the board. Unless they’re running a useful promo and you can work around the restrictive terms, these days are the ONLY days where you should book a flight with Frontier. If it’s any other day, wait for $20 day. Patience is a virtue.

Here are a few examples of what you can book…

New York to Orlando Frontier for $20

Long Island to Orlando in March for $39.98 round trip in March.

New York to Cincinatti Frontier

New York to Cincinnati for $39.98 round trip in March.

And even some of the flights that aren’t “quite” at that $20 level are offering deep discounts. That’s the wonder of $20 day. Head to the Online Deals page and have at it, but do it today because tomorrow won’t necessarily be $20 day and days that aren’t $20 day are like days without sunshine.

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