Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day With $244 Round Trip Flights from Newburgh, NY to Ireland (Direct)

The top of the morning to you!

I know a lot of you have some serious eating and drinking to do, so I’ll cut right to the chase and possibly give you something else to celebrate in the process… Norwegian Airlines is running a Saint Patrick’s Day sale with amazing deals from the Hudson Valley to Dublin. There’s no shortage of ultra-cheap fares to Ireland lately, but direct flights like this are a little harder to come by without paying a premium.

Here’s just an example of what you can book, but this rate actually pops up quite a bit so dates are more flexible than you would think during this sale.

Also included in this deal are awesome deals on flights to Belfast. It’s far less festive, but just as exciting.

Similar deals are available from Boston and Providence as well. Hop over to Norwegian Airlines and check it out!

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