Flash Sale: Fly from the Northeast to Iceland for $169 Round Trip

Cheap Flights to Iceland

Thanks to a surge of new Icelandic low cost and ultra low cost carriers, cheap flights to Reykjavik are rarely noteworthy. That said, WOW Airlines is currently running a Flash Sale that’s pretty insane even for them.

They’re currently offering flights from Boston, New York, Washington and a bunch of other East Coast cities for $169 Round Trip. These deals seem to be so popular that it’s managed to crash their website, but if you want to hop on this deal you should probably keep trying as these flights seem to be selling fast.

Here’s just one example of what you can book…

Source: Google Flights since the WOW website is exploding with traffic right now.

Click here for more information (and hopefully to book a flight once they fix their website, lol).

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