Flash Sale: Fly from Trenton to Detroit, Nashville, Charleston, Minneapolis, Chicago or Raleigh for less than $20 each way.

It’s $20 day at Frontier Airlines, and that means another round of insane fares. These sales come back around every few weeks, but generally only last a day or two so I would suggest acting quickly.

Here are just a few examples of what you can book.

Trenton to Charleston

Trenton to Minneapolis

Note that Frontier Airlines is an Ultra Low Cost Carrier so we highly recommend you travel light or pay for bags in advance. We’ve never had a problem fitting everything into a personal item, but everyone’s different. Still, at $35 to check a bag these fares are a steal. Click here to see what you can find.

Also, a few of these cities are also available from Long Island if that’s more convenient for you. Even if it’s further away, it may be worth checking as the flight times may be more convenient depending on your schedule.

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