Fly to Europe from the US for less than $86 each way.

Transatlantic Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier, Wow Airlines is currently running a promotion with very few restrictions that’s offering flights from the United States to Europe for less than $175.

Enter promo code “WOWSPRING” to get 25% off travel between April 10 – June 10, 2018. This airline is always amazingly cheap, but this promotion with so few restrictions really got our attention. Here are some examples of what you can book. Not to sound like an annoying sales guy, but “Act now” because bookings must be made by 6:59 p.m. ET, March 4, 2018 (so… today).

This promo code is valid from Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York JFK or San Francisco and is valid to Reykjavík, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, London (STN), Stockholm and Barcelona.

The deal helps you the most on flights to Reykjavík. This is the best deal we found from New York, but it’s available on a lot of different days for the same price and you can get essentially the same price from Chicago, Boston and Pittsburgh also. Note that Reykjavík is their hub, so all flights will connect through Reykjavík anyway if you’d simply prefer to schedule a long layover.

I’ll be honest, I believe that Wow may have jacked up prices a little before offering this deal so for places like London it’s not really noteworthy. That said, if you’re going to Reykjavík or a destination that pops up on promos less often (like Stockholm), you’ll make out like a bandit. A final word of caution is that WOW is an Ultra Low Cost Carrier. This means high bag fees, fees if you choose to select seats in advance and a lot of other restrictions that should be familiar to anyone who’s flown a domestic ULCC like Allegiant, Frontier or (god forbid), Spirit. Luckily these are all avoidable fees, you just have to know how to play the game. We’ll get into that in a future article.

Safe travels!

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