JetBlue is having a Flash Sale with fares from $34 one way!

Ah, JetBlue… the party in the sky. Despite the fact that their on-time performance is so bad that they finished behind SkyWest, Frontier and Spirit last year (which is pretty funny if I’m being honest), we can’t help but love them. Free Wifi, Free TV, a decent amount of legroom in coach… when you’re used to flying ULCCs like we are, it might as well be Emirates.

Anyway, JetBlue has announced another 2 day Flash Sale and if you dig around there’s some pretty good stuff here.

We normally laugh about JetBlue flash sales as the cheapest fares are ALWAYS on routes that are so hilariously ridiculous that you really can’t help but wonder why they even exist. This sale doesn’t disappoint in that regard as they proudly advertise “more-trouble-than-they’re-worth” flights like Boston to Syracuse for $54, Boston to New York for $59 and New York, New York to Syracuse, New York for $89. I’m half expecting their next flash sale to include amazing deals on nonstops from JFK to LaGuardia where they just drive the plane down the Van Wyck Expressway. Maybe that’s why they’re never on time…

All joking aside, they have a few good things in here. Here are a few from the Northeast (Round Trip).


New York to Savannah

The sale ends tomorrow, so head to and see what you can find!


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