Newark, NJ to the Bay Area for less than $140 Round Trip on Alaska Airlines

Yes… Alaska Airlines. That’s not an autocorrect of “Frontier”. We’re talking about the best airline in North America.

We’re seeing amazing prices from Newark (EWR) to Oakland (OAK) for less than $140 round trip and flight times that are somehow entirely normal. Deals like this are why we started this blog. We’re trying to work this into our plans but we just came back from San Francisco on Tuesday morning (thanks to a super cheap United flight) and I can’t justify it. Still, this is too great of a find to keep it to ourselves.

Here’s just one example of what you can book…

I’d write more, but you’re probably already done listening and on your way to the Alaska airlines website, so what’s the use? lol

There are tons of great prices in September and October. Enter a random date and then use their slider to find what works best for you. Hurry up and grab this one while you can. Seriously…

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