Thanks for following us! We should probably (finally) introduce ourselves.

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Hi everyone! We’ve been around for a few months now and it’s come to our attention that we haven’t properly introduced ourselves yet.

First of all, if you’re reading this we want to extend a sincere “Thank you!”. We’ve posted a few dozen blogs about cheap fares and travel tips but nothing about the people behind the blog. Obviously we’re new at this and we’re still trying to find our way but we really appreciate everyone who’s coming along for the ride with us.

A few years ago, my future wife (who also works on this blog) and I really got into traveling. It’s always been something we enjoyed, but never something we could afford. Sure we would take the occasional grueling road trip or hop on a plane once every year or two but as a pair of 20-somethings fresh out of college we were very limited in where we could go.

Fast forward to now. We’re no longer in our 20’s (well… Brit is for a few more months, god I’m jealous) and we’ve now reached the point where we sometimes find ourselves making 2-3 plane trips a month with a bunch of road trips mixed in. I’d love to tell you that this is because we came into money somehow but that would make for a pretty boring blog and it would be a total lie.

Nope. The reason we can do all of this is because it’s been quite a hobby of ours to hawk the internet for great flight and hotel deals and maximize our use of lucrative rewards programs.

One thing I worry about with this blog is that it could come across as “spammy” so I feel like I should stop myself now because it sounds like my next paragraph should be “and you can do it too, just sign up for our new $99 Ebook!”. No, that’s not what we’re about here. Don’t worry.

I started the blog because (like traveling), deal hunting is addictive. There’s nothing more annoying than finding a great deal that you can’t use and we end up doing that all the time now so it seemed like it would be fun to share that with the world (and by “the world” I mean the six people that read this thing).

We know that this isn’t exactly a new concept, but hopefully we can put our own spin on it. We’ve seen tons of travel blogs but not enough that skew to middle class America. There are a boat load of sites that will let you know when Business class flights to Hong Kong drop to $1299 and that’s wonderful but we’re really focused on the people that would rather hear about flights to Dallas dropping to twenty bucks on Spirit, Frontier or (if you’re feeling lucky), Allegiant Airlines. I still can’t afford business class to Hong Kong and if I could I would probably fly Economy anyway and spend the extra money on something fun for the trip. As I’m writing this we find ourselves on a $50 “United Express” flight from New York to Sacramento after waking up at 3am and catching a connection in Denver in a tiny E-175 and I’m trying to hurry up and drink my coffee before the turbulence spills it all over us. That’s how we roll… or fly… or whatever. Lol

So if you’re like us and you want the cheapest possible flight deals and clean, but affordable, hotel chains (I mean… you’re just sleeping there anyway) so you have leftover cash for the fun things on your trips then this is the blog for you. We’re both brand new at this, but we really appreciate you coming along for the ride with us.

Now I’d better hurry up and finish that coffee. It’s getting bumpy.


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