Tons of airlines are running sales today (Tuesday 5/15). We sifted through the junk to find the gems…

Allegiant Airlines

It seems like every airline in existence is running a sale today. Southwest and JetBlue have big sales but (per usual) most of the discounted routes are either to Florida (where they can never compete with Frontier on price unless you insist on bringing 2 large bags) or on asinine routes that most sensible people would just drive anyway (see: Baltimore to Boston or New York to Washington DC). You can grab those for $49 each way, but why would you? By the time you drive to the airport, get to the airport 2 hours early, get through security, fly to your destination and rent a car you could already be about an hour away for much less money had you just taken your own car down the turnpike.

Frontier has joined the party but it’s not much of a sale. Unless you can take advantage of their 75% offer with a ton of qualifiers there’s really not much there. It’s not a $20 day, so as a general rule I wouldn’t get too excited about it.

Allegiant airlines had stepped up with a 72 hour sale of their own, but (again) they have a lot of overlap with Frontier and they’ll undoubtedly get crushed in price when the next Frontier $20 day comes along which we would expect to be any day now.

There’s a lot of bark, but not a lot of bite.

Fortunately, there are a few exceptions…

Newark to Savannah / Hilton Head for less than $85 Round Trip on Allegiant Airlines.

Deals on this route are pretty exclusive to Allegiant. That’s not something we can say often, but we can say it here. While some people have their concerns about this airline since the 60 minutes piece on their safety record, we should probably mention that most of the issues they discussed were because of their aging MD80 fleet and (according to FlightAware) they seem to have an A320 on this route, so fear not.

Here’s just one example:

Up next is one from Frontier Airlines…

As we said earlier, there are a ton of restrictions here but if you use promo code “SAVE75” you can find some good stuff. This deal applies to flights purchased by tomorrow for flights through June 9th.

The following blackout dates apply: May 20, 24, 25, 28, 2018 and Jun. 3, 2018.

Some markets are also excluded. That said, we found some good ones with a bit of patience.

The best “find” for us was probably this fare from Washington DC to Vegas for $92.94 round trip (about $46 and change each way). We have Discount Den, but even without it the price is basically the same (and if you’re reading this you should probably go ahead and buy it anyway).

There’s a lot to sift through, including a whole lot of junk. That said, with some patience there are a few diamonds in the rough.

Happy booking!

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