So what is Discount Travel Hub and why should I care?

Hello World! I guess I should start out by saying "Welcome to Discount Travel Hub!". Despite the official sounding name, this is essentially a blog where I can share the awesome travel deals and tips I come across with the world (or the small portion of the world that cares).

We love to travel, but with a very modest budget it quickly became clear that if we wanted to be able to travel frequently we would need to be smart about it. Over the last few years it's become a bit of a hobby for me to scour the internet in search of great deals on airfare, hotels, rewards programs and everything in between. While on my endless quest for deals I've come across some great travel sites and pages, but for some reason I never found one that really fit our lifestyle (ugh... god, 2 paragraphs in and I already sound like a mommy blogger. This is how it starts. Snap out of it dude, pull yourself together).

That was a close one... anyway, what I mean by that is that most discount travel sites are usually pushing either "Hey! Check out this amazing $12 per night hostel in the Bronx with no air conditioning. You and 18 of your closest friends can share a bathroom!" or "Wow, Paris to Oman on Emirates first class for only $7,800 round trip!. Holy sh*t, get me my credit card! I can practically feel the savings already, it's like I'm ripping them off. We just have to buy our tickets separately a few days apart so I don't go over my paltry credit limit".

This is for everyone who falls between those two categories. People who want a clean hotel room but they don't care if there's an infinity pool with a view of the Burj Khalifa. People who fly economy class so they can save their money for having fun on their vacation because everyone's going to the same place anyway. People who love to road trip with the ability to book and plan on the fly. You know... most people.

Since I've started this hobby I've received tons of messages asking for cheap travel tips. Given the level of interest and my own frustrations in searching for a similar, relevant site I finally caved into the pressure and decided to start a website / blog. Ironically, my fiancée was an editor at a magazine and has real world experience as a professional writer (she used words like "predicate" and "independent clause" that I haven't heard since we were forced to read "All Quiet on the Western Front" in High School English class, she's legit). She accompanies me on all of our crazy trips, but unfortunately for everyone else I'm the one that decided to start the blog, so I hope you don't mind suffering through some run-on sentences and a hilarious over-use of commas on your quest for cheap travel tips and deals.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook also. With a lot of these deals I come across you need to act quickly so I'll post them there as soon as I see them.

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